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To join AMHA, simply complete this membership application and send it with payment to AMHA. If you have questions, please contact us.


  • Lobby for members in Montgomery and Washington, D.C.;
  • Work with all State Regulatory Agencies that have an impact on the industry;
  • Tort Reform legislation passed-Conservative Courts Elected-Arbitration Upheld;
  • Stopped the tornado shelter and weather radio requirement legislation;
  • Changed the Title Law to allow manufactured homes with land to go directly to a real property deed;
  • Passed ACT 2009-746 which removes manufactured homes from the Alabama Uniform Certificate of Title Act under Title 32, and creates a new Chapter 20 of Title 32 which addresses the titling of manufactured homes only.
  • Passed the Abandoned Manufactured Home bill;
  • Passed ACT 2014-167 which amends the current Abandoned Manufactured Home Act to clarify the remedies available to both community owners and lender in the event of an abandoned manufactured home located in a community.
  • Provide legislative updates to keep members informed
  • Work with cities, the League of Municipalities and the Regional Planning Councils to allow placement of manufactured homes; Web site that provides consumers with a “Where to Shop” section listing AMHA member retailers;

These are just a few of the things that AMHA does for members. We appreciate your membership and support. Together we can continue to build a better and brighter future for manufactured and modular housing.

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Alabama Manufactured Housing Association
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Alabama Manufactured Housing Association
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