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I Have Chosen My Home, What is the Next Step?

Congratulations! You have chosen your new home built in a factory, either a manufactured home or a modular home. The local area where you plan to place your home will require a permit from the city or the county. Your AMHA member retailer is well informed about local ordinances and the process to obtain this permit.

After you obtain the permit and the financing is approved Alabama law requires that your home be transported and installed by a licensed certified installer. Certification means that the individual has received training and passed a test which includes how to prepare and transport the home safely. This license and certification also means that the installer will install the home according to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines for the home. The Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission licenses and certifies transporters and installers. The retailer with whom you are working will provide this service for you, or you may contact the Commission at 334-242-4036 or at to ensure that the installer is licensed and certified in Alabama.

This installer will move your home to the site, ensure that the site preparation is correct according to Alabama law, and install the home according to the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Then, the Alabama Manufactured Housing Commission will send a state inspector to ensure that your home is property installed. The next step - move in and enjoy your new home!

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